ProdWrks is not a typical, run-of-the-mill product community. We’re a close-knit group of product builders and thinkers who find a sense of accomplishment in helping each other succeed. Join us.

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Just a single piece of information from the right contact at the right time can make a world of difference to your product’s outcome. Our network of product thinkers on WhatsApp can get you that one vital tip when you need it the most.

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We exist to help product company founders, engineers, and enthusiasts gain more knowledge about the latest concepts to build and scale their products and their company. Attend our online and offline events where you can network and learn from peers and mentors.
Guide To Startup Bootstrapping And Unlocking Cashflow
Free Masterclass: Build Brands People Love - The BYJU'S Way
Masterclass: Sprint Framework – Build & Test Your Product Prototype in 5 Days
Product Thinking Masterclass - User Persona
Webinar: How to Build a Product Roadmap
Panel Discussion: Creating User Engagement and Stickiness in Products

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Let’s join hands and build a network of brilliant product visionaries!

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Good Product is obvious. Great Product is transparent. As a community, we are clear on what we must not do in order to protect our member’s trust. So, here are our promises to all people joining ProdWrks.

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The core ethos of Prodwrks is to put people first. Our member’s needs are our number one priority. You will never see us spamming with irrelevant content or self promotional content.


Our mission is to empower talented and motivated people to build businesses that matter, no matter their location, gender, or race. Only products matter at ProdWorks.

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All information you share with ProdWrks is secure and confidential. As we are ourselves product builders and founders, we fully understand how much you value your time and data.


Let’s join hands and build a network of brilliant product visionaries!

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