This is ProdWrks.

We are not the world’s largest product community.

But, you won’t find a better bunch of product builders and problem solvers, anywhere on the planet.

Our Story

First, there were problems, then there was ProdWrks

ProdWrks was forged by Khuzema Siam in the aftermath of the global pandemic. He gathered friends and fellow entrepreneurs to crack the same problems we all face – the challenge of launching, funding, and scaling products.

What started out as an online gathering has now spurred a small but powerful product movement across India, attracting entrepreneurs, engineers, and enthusiasts alike. Together, we share our aspirations, learnings, and wisdom, to shine bright as the north star for emerging product superstars.


ProdWrks is not a typical, run-of-the-mill product community. We’re a close-knit group of product builders and thinkers who find a sense of accomplishment in helping each other succeed. Join us.

Khuzema Siam

ProdWrks - Founder

Our Mission: To Build a Product Nation

India is at a crossroads – The services sector that fuelled her growth has hit a plateau and the need of the hour is to transform her into a product nation.

We are firm believers in the old adage that better products make a better world. So, we’ve made it our life’s mission to give you the best actionable insights and the right network to build better products and lead the change of India’s transformation from a service nation to a product nation.

Technology is best when it brings people together.

– Matt Mullenweg

Our speakers are from

What We are not

Good Product is obvious. Great Product is transparent. As a community, we are clear on what we must not do in order to protect our member’s trust. So, here are our promises to all people joining ProdWrks.

No Hidden

The core ethos of Prodwrks is to put people first. Our member’s needs are our number one priority. You will never see us spamming with irrelevant content or self promotional content.


Our mission is to empower talented and motivated people to build businesses that matter, no matter their location, gender, or race. Only products matter at ProdWorks.

No Breach of

All information you share with ProdWrks is secure and confidential. As we are ourselves product builders and founders, we fully understand how much you value your time and data.

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